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Harda Tourism

The city of Harda gains popularity among tourists due to the plethora of temples existing in the region. During your stay at the place, you are surely to get rejuvenated by listening to the daily Aarti mantras and morning prayers at the surrounding temples. The traditional look of the city along with the die hard commitment of the residents to the traditional customs makes it an enjoyable place to visit especially during the festive season. A must see during your visit to the city is the ‘marriage dance.’ Besides, to make your stay more memorable there are hotels to stay and restaurants to dine. Come lets explore this beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh.

Harda Tourism
Kanha Baba Mandir Sodalpur

Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board
Address: Paryatan Bhawan, Bhadbhada Road, Bhopal - 462 003.
Fax: +91-755-2779476/2774289
Hotel Booking Tel.: +91-755-2778383
Transport Booking Tel.: +91-755-2775572
Contact Between: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mon to Sat)

Best Time to Visit Harda

Being a beautiful city tourists visit this city all throughout the year. However, it is better to avoid being in the city during summer months (Apr-June) as the temperature during daytime is likely to reach as high as 41° C. It is definitely a better idea to visit the city during the winter or cooler months (July-Mar). The temperature during this time in the area ranges between 34°C-25°C.

Tourist Attractions In and Around Harda

As mentioned earlier Harda is famous for plethora of temples situated across its region. Harda’s famous temples though are not architectural grand or larger than life in any way, rather they are adorned by immense simplicity. Their simple architecture coupled with its unique spiritual vibes pretty much leave all its devotees mystified and high on spiritual fervor. To help you get acquainted with all these temples, we’ve explored every famous temple of Harda in great detail.

Kanha Baba Mandir at Sodalpur

This a very small but a very famous temple located in Sodalpur town, some 22 kms away from Harda town. Kanha Baba Mandir is actually very famous for fulfilling earnest wishes of all its devotees, who come here from far across places with their heart filled wishes. And although this temple is very small, but its charming beauty will enchant you. The temple is located inside a beautiful compound that is surrounded with lush green trees from all sides. All in all, serenity and charm of this temple will leave you enchanted, which is why this temple is so much worth visiting.

Riddeshwar Temple in Handi Village

Tourist Attractions in HardaThis is a very small but immensely sacred temple located in nearby Handi village. Handi village is situated some 20 kms away from Harda town. This sacred temple overlooks the beautiful Narmada River and is also surrounded with lot of lush greenery. The setting and location of this temple is indeed very beautiful. In fact this temple’s visiting devotees are as much attracted its serene location as its religious sacredness. Coming to history of this temple, then it is believed that Riddeshwar Temple and all the temples located nearby it were constructed during Mahabharata era. There is also a strong belief that one of the nearby Shiva Temples was constructed by Pandava brothers in one night itself. All said and done, Riddeshwar Temple is just as beautiful as it is sacred and therefore thoroughly deserves to be in your tourist destination list.

Gupteshwar Temple at Charuwa

This is a famous Lord Shiva Temple located in small Charuwa village, located not so far away from main city of Harda. Fame and sacredness of this temple can be judged from the fact that visiting devotees of this temple not only hail from Madhya Pradesh state alone, but also from states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The number of visiting devotees reaches its peak especially during auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri. On this auspicious day this temple really comes on its own with amazing lighting and decoration.

Ma Durga Beejasan Temple at Salakanpur

Located almost 90 kms away from main city of Harda is Ma Durga Beejasan Temple at Salakanpur village. This is actually hill rock temple, located atop of a hill that is almost 800 feet high. Although this temple is located very far away and you’ll even have to climb 1000 steps, but all these hardship will be worth it once you witness scared deity of Ma Durga Beejasan. In fact it is power and healing effect of goddesses Ma Durga Beejasan that pulls devotees from far across regions. Locals of Salakanpur village consider Ma Durga Beejasan to be reincarnation of goddesses Durga.

Other Famous Temples of Harda

Here names and very information other famous local temples of Harda region. Almost all below mentioned temples are located in main city of Harda and therefore are easily reachable by all visiting tourists.

Shri Laxmi Narayan Bada Mandir: This must-visit temple abodes beautifully decorated idols of Lord Laxmi-Narayan and Lord Shiva and a Shivlinga. The temple attracts a large amount of devotees on a regular basis. The crowd goes bigger during the festival of Shivratri. The magnificent deity of Lord Laxmi Narayan sits in the very centre of this temple and is obviously main attraction of this temple.

Shri Siddhi Vinayak Mandir: Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, this is another one of the most famous temples of Harda city. The temple is especially worthy visiting during Ganesh Chaturdhi festival, when many cultural activities and special poojas take place in the temple premise.

Khet Wali Mata Mandir: As the name suggests, the temple has an interesting history. It is believed that the statue of the of Khet wali Mata was revealed from a well of farm (Khet), and thus the name. It is situated in Maharana Pratap Colony.

Shri Jambheshwar Mandir: This famous 100-year-old temple of Bishnoi dharma temple is located 8 km near Harda.

Mahalaxmi Mandir: This temple of the goddess Laxmi is located at Agrawal Samaj Manglik Bhawan, Near Gayatri mandir, Indore Road, Harda.

Sai Mandir: This abode of the serene saint is located at Indore Road, Near Bansal Petrol Pump, Harda.

Shri Ram Mandir, Gosai Mandir, Bitthal Mandir: These are some of the famous temples located in Golapura Harda

Shri Ram Janki Mandir: This beautiful Ram Janki Mandir is located in Gadipura Harda.

Khedapati Hanuman Mandir: The devotees of this ardent devotee of Lord Ram can connect with the lord easily in the serene ambience of this Hanuman Mandir located at Khedipura Harda.

Apart from the above mentioned destinations, there are many other places near Harda which can be visited during holidays:

Nemawar or Handia: This well-known pilgrimage spot is located around 20 km from Harda. It is surrounded by the Narmada River and the ‘nabhi kund’, the centre of the river Narmada exists here. Many temples dedicated to lord Shiva exist in this place. A famous temple built by Pandavas is also located here. It is believed that it was built during the Mahabharat era in one night.

Charuwa: This place is famous for a beautiful Shiv temple and a small waterfall. The scenery is quite pleasant during monsoons.

Sirali: Sirali is located about 35 kilometers away from Harda. Here exists a popular Sai temple.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Harda

Harda Tourist destinations
Entertainment in Harda

Although currently Harda city does not have any modern entertainment amenities like shopping mall or supermarket, but it should have one probably by next year. This under construction shopping mall is named as GS Mall. When completed GS Mall will be Harda’s first and only shopping mall. However, with this mall still under construction, Harda’s visiting tourists will have to remain contend with usual street shopping and retail shopping. Harda’s markets though are just as colorful and diverse as markets of most other small towns are and no one will be left feeling bored and left out for sure. Coming to nightlife, then Harda city offers you very limited options like beer bar and family restaurants. The good thing though is that this town has no dearth of beer bars and family restaurants at all. Any visiting tourist can easily spot them in all important market and commercial areas.

Pratap Talkies
Address: Pratap Talkies, Ambedkar chowk - Harda, NH 59A, Harda, Madhya Pradesh 461331
Phone: 075772 22014

Pratap Cineplex
Address: Harda Ho, Harda - 461331, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Ward
Phone: +(91)-9425042014, 9926482414, 9827800808

Where to Eat in Harda ?

Harda town has quite a few fine multi cuisine restaurants, where visiting tourists can enjoy delicious Indian and intercontinental cuisine. These multi cuisine restaurants are actually part of prestigious Two star and Three star hotels, which invariably means that you can enjoy your lunch and dinner in a very pleasant ambiance. Read More.............................

Raj Residency Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Raj Residency, Station Road, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-226868, +(91)-9425041090

Manoj Restaurant
Address: New Market, Main Road, Timarni, Harda - 461228
Phone no: +(91)-9826939455

Sai Palace Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel SAI Palace, Opposite Railway Station Harda HO, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-226611, +(91)-9826020059

J K Chicken Biryani
Address: Station Road, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-9826326990

Shree Guru Gajanan Restaurant
Address: Vijayanand Complex, Opposite District Court, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7697884709

Shree Aashirwad Restaurants
Address: Opposit Civil Court, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-9165263881

Where to Stay in Harda ?

Hotels in Harda

To make your stay in Harda a really luxurious affair, we’ve brought names and addresses of few reputed hotels of Harda city. If pure and class luxury is what you really want, then you shouldn’t look beyond these hotels at all. In other words, these hotels know how to pamper their customers. This is why every visiting tourist and high profile personalities crave to stay in these hotels.

Hotel Raj Residency
Address: Station Road, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-226868, +(91)-9926322325

Hotel Mourya Inn
Address: Thana Road, Near Bada Post Office, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-224555, +(91)-8959066263

Hotel Sai Palace
Address: Opposite Railway Station, Harda HO, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-226611, +(91)-9826020059

Hotel Indra Mahal
Address: HDFC Bank, Opp.New Bus Stand, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-9179395584, 8109345901

Hotel Chetna
Address: New Bus Stand, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7771965637

How to Reach Harda ?

Transport in Harda
Trains in Harda

The easiest and most cost effective way to reach Harda city is via train. Harda Railway Station, though not a junction, is directly connected to many important cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jammu, Patna and Lucknow. As for passengers hailing from cities to which Harda is not directly connected, they will have to make break journey from Bhopal. For tourists who plan to travel via flight, then they will have to take flight to Bhopal Airport, which is nearest airport to Harda. The airport is located some 108 kms away from Harda Bus Stand.

Tourist Tips for Harda

  • Always dress modestly when visiting any of the famous temples. This advice is especially applicable to female tourists.
  • Harda is a religious society and therefore avoid making any remarks on any particular caste or religion.
  • Harda has more than decent number of ATM’s and therefore no need to take risk of carrying too much of cash.
  • Do carry you’re self identity card documents like Pan Card, Aadhaar card etc. You’ll need it for booking room in any prestigious hotel or lodge.

Travel Agents in Harda

Whether you are trying to plan a day tour in the city or a visit to some of the popular destinations around the city of Harda, you can surely take the help of the travel agents in the neighbourhood. Their expert services can help you plan fun-filled tours in and around the city at reasonable prices. They surely can help you with bus/taxi bookings for comfortable rides to the places of your choice.

Smart Innovative Services Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Harda HO, Harda - 461331
Phone: +(91)-9425041537

Rahul Travels
Address: Timarni, Harda, Madhya Pradesh, Main Road, Timarni, Harda - 461228
Phone: +(91)-9826460261

In the end we’d like to reiterate that Harda’s temple will bring lot of solitude to your heart and mind. In fact more than architectural beauty it is sheer peace and spiritual vibe that this temple bring in