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Healthcare Services in Harda

Today healthcare services in Harda is quite efficient, but there is still scope of improvement in many key areas. What are the factors that make its healthcare services reliable and what are the improvements that need to be done? You’ll find answers to all these pertinent questions in below paragraphs, wherein we’ve provided comprehensive information about Harda’s each and every local healthcare infrastructure. Right from hospitals to pathological labs to even basic services like chemist shops and doctors.

Hospitals in Harda

Hospitals in Harda

Although Harda does not have even a single multi specialty or super speciality hospital, but it does have many well equipped hospitals and nursing homes. These hospitals fall in category of ‘well equipped’ because they boost all standard medical infrastructures to detect and cure many ailments. Besides, most of these hospitals are well equipped to conduct emergency operations and also provide reliable services in medical specialties like Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Dental etc. Coming to presence of private hospital then certainly they have more presence here, while there are just 3 to 4 Government hospitals in and around Harda city. However, owing to affordable prices Government Hospitals still attract more patients.

Sai Hospital
Address: A-6, Nehru Colony, Behind Nehru Stadium, Harda- 461331
Phone no: 09826260025

Venkatesh Hospital
Address: LIG Colony, Handia Road, Behind Shankar Mandir, Harda- 461331
Phone no: (7577) 226100

Arogya Neelayam Hospital
Address: Gandhi Chowk, Timarni, Near Nagar Palika Office, Harda- 461331
Phone no: 09926669911

Kakag Nursing Home
Address: 52/2, Indore Road, Near Bansal Petrol Pump, Harda- 461331
Phone no: 09203707946

Dr. M. K Choure Nursing Home
Address: 52/4, Indore Road, Near Bansal Petrol Pump, Harda- 461331
Phone no: 09893601274

Chemist Shops in Harda

Conventionally speaking if a town does not have any dearth of well equipped hospitals, then it shouldn’t have any dearth of chemist shops and doctors either. Well, Harda city certainly proves this conventional theory pretty much right in every sense. To put it in more simple words, Harda city today has no dearth of chemist shops and general doctors. There are hordes of them, spread across all the important market and commercial areas. With their overwhelming presence, Harda’s local patients don’t face any problem regarding availability of life saving drugs or getting immediate cure for their general health problems.

Krishna Medical Stores
Address: 10, Nehru Coloni, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-9926372543

Patel Medical Stores
Address: 10, Madhu Road, Hospital Road, Timarni, Harda – 461228
Phone no: +(91)-9926372543

Bansal Medical Store
Address: A 8 Nehru Colony, Near Bank Of Baroda, Harda HO, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-223466

Gupta Medical Store
Address: Khandwa Road, Near State Bank Of India, Ghantaghar, Harda HO, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-222553, +(91)-9826049907

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Pathological labs in Harda

Harda city is not really self sufficient on this critical front. There are just few pathological labs and even less than few diagnostic centers in the entire city. Their glaring absence, needless to say, has very adverse impact on the quality of local healthcare services. This is, however, not to say that local hospitals are struggling to diagnosis their patients, but their shortage does result in considerable inconvenience. Here we'd like to also spare some thought of appreciation to existing Pathological labs and diagnostic centers, as they are making immense contribution to Harda's healthcare services.

Vedant Diagnostics
Address: Shiv Kunj, Behind Mourya Complex, Harda HO, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-226364, +(91)-9893228454

Dr Lal PathLabs
Address: Stadium Road, Near Government Hospital, Harda HO, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-222250, +(91)-9425040055

Swastik pathology lab
Address: Moutya Complex, Harda Ho, Harda – 461331
Phone no: +(91)-9425940055

Nidan Pathology Centre
Address: Ganesh Chowk, Main Road, Harda Ho, Harda - 461331
Phone no: +(91)-7577-222315

From all the above information we can certainly claim that Harda’s healthcare services is certainly very reliable, but absence of certain key facilities does make considerable dent in overall quality of its healthcare services. These key facilities include pathological labs, diagnostic centers and of course multi specialty hospital. Hopefully we should see some serious progress on this front in near future.Though realistically speaking getting a modern multi specialty hospital is still a far fetched thing for small town like Harda, but modern pathological labs and diagnostic centers are very much in realm of possibility.

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